Never-before-seen Mountains

Absolutely incredible.

I can’t believe that there are still places in the world that no-one has ever seen before. And to climb the cliffs on the side of that mountain would have been incredibly difficult and dangerous. Also, the drone was pretty cool too. I’m going to have to buy one right after I buy a jetpack.

What? I wasn’t being sarcastic. I was being totally serious about that.

Okey-dokey, see ya later.



The nobel prize for prizes

goes to the Ig Nobel Prizes. Just take a look.

Let’s take a look. Most of these are pretty interesting, albeit somewhat pointless.

‘Leaning to the left makes the Eiffel Tower look smaller’

Ooooooook? Doesn’t it work if you lean to the right?

‘Converting old ammunition into diamonds’

Cool. Are they renewable now. That should send their value down. Ooh, That gives me an idea. “Look in your hand. Back to me. I have it. It’s an old pile of Russian ammunition. Look again. The ammunition is now DIAMONDS!”

‘Speech Disruptor’

This…is completely pointless. Clever I suppose.

‘Dead salmon thinking’

This doesn’t surprise me. They could use electricity to make frog’s legs move before the industrial revolution.

‘Why green hair’

Why not green hair? By the way, I stopped caring about this post after the Old Spice parody.

‘Report about a report about…’

Bluh, bluh. I could probably wrap my head around this, but I have other tthings I have to do.

‘Ponytail Mechanics’

*Sarcastic clap

‘Coffee Dynamics’

I don’t even like coffee. How many of these left!?

‘”I recognize that ass”‘


‘How to not explode during colonoscopies’

Hehehhehheeheeh. Those wacky monkeys. Wait a minute, that’s a thing that can happen. Hang on, these awards are just a bunch of butt jokes aren’t they?

Now get out of here


Hero policeman

This is a lovely story.

The police are always in the news for stuff like police brutality and abuse of power recently, so it’s nice to see a story about a law enforcer selflessly putting himself in harm’s way to save an innocent citizen. This is what protecting the public is all about. It’s even better since all parties involved survived.

Well, this is gonna be a pretty short entry.



Girl with autism denied entry to Australia

This is messed up.

There are so many things wrong with this. Firstly, the government is putting the health of this young girl, and many young people, beneath the costs that might apply to them. Also, the article states that this has happened before and there and when the news reported it the public was so angry that the government had to let them in, and now that they’re in they think they can stop accepting them because ‘it will cost too much.’


This article hit hard with me because I myself have been diagnosed with High-functioning Autism. I decided I to help Niamh and so can you by signing this petition. I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

Generic farewell


Martian Blueberries

Is there life on mars. Several decades ago many people believed there was advanced civilizations on the planet, then after a while everyone thought the idea of any life on mars was preposterous, and now most scientists believe that life may have existed billions of years ago on Mars, but was probably just single-celled organisms. Basically it follows this path: Optimism => Pessimism => Realism. Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with blueberries. Did they find actual blueberries growing on Mars? How does this impact me? Can I grow my own martian blueberries? Sadly, the answer to all three questions is ‘no’. Yes, even the second one.

Here, read this article.

As mentioned, recently Curiosity landed on the planet and hasn’t done a thing yet. You’d think any news related to Mars at the moment would have to do with it, but instead the one that has discovered these interesting rock formations is the mars veteran, opportunity, and they may be the evidence we need for determining if life has ever existed on Mars.

Until next time, or something.


Obama hugs


Yeah, Obama would have to be the second-best american president of all time. (The best, of course, being Theodore Roosevelt.) Obama’s just doing fun stuff all the time, like this, or this, but best of all, this. Another great thing about him is his endless optimism. Some (republicans) might call it naivety, but I think it’s nice, especially considering the stuff that was going on when nhe came into office.

Enough, about Obama. He is the American president after all.


Seekers of asylum

Screw titles.

Anyway, this.

Now that you’ve read that I’d just like to ask why they are being turned back. I mean, seriously. What conceivable reason do they have for sending them back after all the suffering they’ve been through to escape in the first place. Asylum seekers not even illegal. There is a law stating, ‘Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.’ They say it’s to protect our borders, but from what? Terrorists? Virtually none of the refugees are terrorists, and I mean none.

In any case, I might come back to the subject with a later news article so I can rage about it a bit more, but this is enough for tonight.