Homestuck: The Adventure Game

(Hey! Why’s this one a link?)

HELL YES! Does this even count as a news story? Whatever, I don’t care because this is the best thing ever! Now, you may be asking ‘What is Homestuck?’ Excellent question. Unfortunately, it is not easy to answer. It’s a…thing, that’s like a game, but isn’t actually a game, except for the times when it is. Maybe it’ll just be easier to take a look for yourself.

Anyway, back to the kickstarter. The trailer on the site doesn’t show any footage of the game, instead, it just shows parts of some of the flash animations from throughout the story. However, the basic premise of the story should be easy to transplant into a brilliant game, and if anyone can pull it off, Andrew Hussie can.

Well, I’ll be back next time wih some more serious issues.

Until then, Au Revoir.


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