Martian Blueberries

Is there life on mars. Several decades ago many people believed there was advanced civilizations on the planet, then after a while everyone thought the idea of any life on mars was preposterous, and now most scientists believe that life may have existed billions of years ago on Mars, but was probably just single-celled organisms. Basically it follows this path: Optimism => Pessimism => Realism. Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with blueberries. Did they find actual blueberries growing on Mars? How does this impact me? Can I grow my own martian blueberries? Sadly, the answer to all three questions is ‘no’. Yes, even the second one.

Here, read this article.

As mentioned, recently Curiosity landed on the planet and hasn’t done a thing yet. You’d think any news related to Mars at the moment would have to do with it, but instead the one that has discovered these interesting rock formations is the mars veteran, opportunity, and they may be the evidence we need for determining if life has ever existed on Mars.

Until next time, or something.



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