Secret WW2 message

At this point I’m sure we’re all wondering what is on that message. What information could possibly be so important, that brave pigeon was willing to die for it? What could the Nazis be sending to the British? Let’s look at the possibilities:


It could have been a simple surrender message, although the fact it wasn’t sent straight to London via telegraph makes this unlikely. On the other hand I might just not know what I’m talking about.

“We’re going to launch a full-scale attack on London”

A bit of reverse psychology (and war crimes) to confuse the brits.

“We’re going to launch a full-scale attack on Paris”

The good, old double reverse psychology. The brits think the Germans are lying and are completely unprepared when they invade France. Naturally they were unprepared for this anyway since they got no message about the Germans invading France.

“Hi Montgomery. How are you?”

They might have known each other before the war.

“Switzerland kicked our asses. Requesting backup.”

The Germans realized how much of a threat the Swiss were and wanted to make sure that if they snapped they couldn’t take over the entire world. Thankfully this never happened. (And if it did no country could stop them).

“I am you father”

No. That’s impossible.

“Look into your heart, you know it is true.”


“Hitler is a time traveller. We have the advantage.”

Unfortunately for Hitler this means he already knew of the end of the war and of his own fate. Such is the burden of a time traveller.

“Aliens are behind everything”

This just makes sense.

“Barrels are behind everything”


Well that’s what I think the possibilities are anyway, but I guess only time will tell us for sure.