The nobel prize for prizes

goes to the Ig Nobel Prizes. Just take a look.

Let’s take a look. Most of these are pretty interesting, albeit somewhat pointless.

‘Leaning to the left makes the Eiffel Tower look smaller’

Ooooooook? Doesn’t it work if you lean to the right?

‘Converting old ammunition into diamonds’

Cool. Are they renewable now. That should send their value down. Ooh, That gives me an idea. “Look in your hand. Back to me. I have it. It’s an old pile of Russian ammunition. Look again. The ammunition is now DIAMONDS!”

‘Speech Disruptor’

This…is completely pointless. Clever I suppose.

‘Dead salmon thinking’

This doesn’t surprise me. They could use electricity to make frog’s legs move before the industrial revolution.

‘Why green hair’

Why not green hair? By the way, I stopped caring about this post after the Old Spice parody.

‘Report about a report about…’

Bluh, bluh. I could probably wrap my head around this, but I have other tthings I have to do.

‘Ponytail Mechanics’

*Sarcastic clap

‘Coffee Dynamics’

I don’t even like coffee. How many of these left!?

‘”I recognize that ass”‘


‘How to not explode during colonoscopies’

Hehehhehheeheeh. Those wacky monkeys. Wait a minute, that’s a thing that can happen. Hang on, these awards are just a bunch of butt jokes aren’t they?

Now get out of here



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